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ICYMI: Strategies to Increase Sustainer Donations
In our last post, we shared NextAfter’s strategies to increase year-end giving. This time, we’ll take a look at their research-proven tips for increasing sustainer donations. The following recommendations are based on NextAfter’s years of benchmarking research into online giving, including “mystery donor” studies of the online giving experience of 56 PBS stations in 2019 and
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8 Relationship Tips for Mission & Fundraising to Live in Harmony
Mission fuels fundraising, fundraising enables mission. Neither can exist without the other. The differences of opinions between program delivery and development teams tend to not be overtly aggressive (i.e. I personally have not witnessed things come to blows, but if you have, PM me). Still, the two groups often have very different points of view. So why do these two
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Debbie Downer or Pollyanna: Who Writes Better Fundraising Copy?
When it comes to fundraising, which delivers better results: doom and gloom? Or hope? I’ve been pondering the idea of framing, the way we present information to prospective and current donors, both positive and negative, in hopes of securing a contribution. While there are academic studies on behavioral biases, there is not an overwhelming body of research when it comes to the
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5 Insights on Search
PPC search has been a steady workhorse when it comes to donations-focused, down-funnel strategies: It’s relatively cost-efficient with a solid ROI.
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