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Features and Pricing

Springboard powers creative, flexible engagement forms, enables personalized communications with your supporters, and collects extensive, insightful supporter data to help you advance your digital marketing.


Offer rich, personalized supporter experiences across channels

  • Creative Forms

    Pixel-perfect, mobile-responsive engagement forms. Apply any layout, design, or progress meter for all engagement purposes: email sign ups, event registrations, RSVPs, waitlists, surveys, and more.

  • Social

    Build persistent social sharing into all supporter experiences, including advocacy, through integrated Facebook log in and Twitter. Track the social source of your supporters to identify key social influencers.

  • Mobile

    All supporter touchpoints are natively responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop, to your specifications. Springboard’s admin interface is even optimized for mobile -- for on-the-go campaigner needs.

  • Tracking

    Easily add source code tracking, analytics, and custom tags to campaigns. Get real-time, detailed pictures of your supporters’ behavior, from their source to devices used to actions taken to social promotion.

  • Dynamic Content

    Personalize supporters’ interactions with your cause by automatically pulling any element of their profile and using interests and historical behavior to drive messaging and profile-specific conversion opportunities.

  • Affiliate Content

    Collaborate with affiliates or chapters by creating campaigns for one, many, or multiple groups. Share content or restrict staff access based on your organization’s structure and processes.


Maximize sustainer giving, donor engagement, & payment flexibility

  • Creative Forms

    Offer supporters many ways to donate: one-time, monthly, peer-to-peer, DIY, honor/memorial, ticketed events, premiums, and designated gifts, using one-step, two-step and fully custom user flows.

  • Sustainers

    Easily convert one-time gifts to recurring gifts through built-in sustainer upsell. Increase gift amounts with automated upgrade offers, and promote retention with easy-to-use billing management options.

  • Peer to Peer

    DIY and event-based fundraising lets supporters fundraise for your cause. Supporters can manage personal pages, enter gifts, log in via Facebook, set goals, and mobilize their social networks.

  • Personalization

    Increase gift amounts with pre-filled forms and dynamic ask strings based on online and offline giving history, including multiple ask strings for one-time vs. recurring gifts. Add a Recent Donors list to thank your supporters.

  • Donor Self-Service

    One-click donations makes giving simple. Allow donors to manage their gifts through a donor portal, offering easy gift updates, tax receipting, and access to a full gift history with both online and offline gift records.

  • Payment Flexibility

    Maximize ways to give through credit cards, e-checks, PayPal, Apple Pay and more.


Focus on impact, analytics, & innovation for policy change

  • Creative Action

    Promote engagement with creative campaigns, from petitions to letter-to-target actions to social campaigns targeting legislators or other decision-makers. Use one-step, two-step, or fully custom forms.

  • Tweet Your Legislator

    Offer supporters a simple way to take social action through Springboard’s Twitter Integration, targeting in- or out-of-district decision- makers. Get built-in reports on Twitter actions taken and resulting shares.

  • Advocate Experience

    Let your established advocates support or sign their name to a petition through one-click actions and easy social share. Acknowledge their support and comments through a Recent Signers list.

  • Targeting

    Reach federal or state decision-makers (or both) with the most up-to-date government data and auto-districting. Create custom targets and saved target groups with the easy-to-use targeting center.

  • Deliverability

    Get spectacular delivery of supporter messages to critical decision-makers via web, email, and CWC. See transparent, real-time target delivery stats, with options to download signatures, pause, and restart campaigns.

  • Impactful Campaigns

    Advocacy can be more than just a tool for acquisition. Target decision-makers across the globe, build activist networks through peer-to-peer advocacy, track social reach and report on your impact.


Examine, learn, & refine with sophisticated tracking & reports

  • Source Codes

    Easily add simple or sophisticated source code schemas to Springboard forms. Track sources, referrers, device usage, campaign info, email, originating social source, and more. Report on it all in Salesforce.

  • Social Source Tracking

    Follow the trail of action from one supporter through their whole network. Identify key influencers who are amplifying your cause, and understand the broader impact of a single gift, action, sign-up or share.

  • Tag-based Tracking

    Add any external analytics code to Springboard content for advanced tracking with tools of your choice such as Google Analytics, Google Tags, and testing apps like Optimizely, Google Optimize, or Visual Website Optimizer.


Connect all of your systems to Springboard with ease

  • Salesforce

    Get built-in integration with the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce. Supports major nonprofit packages such as the NPSP, NGOC (roundCorner), or Luminate CRM, with full access to all AppExchange applications.

  • Springboard APIs

    Publish fundraising, advocacy, and contact forms in any digital property, using the Springboard APIs to submit back to the original forms. Call up lists of forms and form details so that data flows smoothly in Salesforce.

  • Donor Databases

    Custom integrations to connect your Springboard platform to your donor database, such as Raiser’s Edge, TeamApproach, DonorDirect, or ROI, for a complete technology solution and comprehensive data.


Count on a team that knows you & your strategy

  • Long-term Partnership

    We’re here for the long haul. The team that implements you is the team that supports you. We work as outsourced members of your staff, in service of your strategy, with deep knowledge of what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Phone, Email, & Chat

    Get how-to help, training, and problem-solving support however you need it: a direct line, email, or chat with real people you know. No 1-800 numbers, no hold music, and no long waits for resolutions to your issues.

  • Knowledge Base

    Access the Springboard Knowledge Base to answer your questions, brush up on skills, train new staff, or research a how-to question. Get tutorials and problem- solving support for your less-common tasks.


Springboard costs are transparent, easy to understand, and affordable.

Our pricing model is simple: Organizations pay a single monthly platform fee based on the features they need (such as fundraising, advocacy, and peer to peer), donation transaction volume, and a services fee for expert consultants to set up and support them -- at whatever level they need.

Ready to learn more?

We're ready to tell you all about Springboard. Dig into our materials, drop us a line, or come see Springboard for yourself.