Seth Merritt
Director of Business Development

About Seth

Seth comes to Jackson River having served the nonprofit sector for over 20 years at agencies, software companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises. He had a nomadic childhood, following his father’s foreign service career, living in India and Kenya and visiting many other places. This deeply informed his world view, and inspires him to support the work of those on the front lines of social change. Seth has firsthand experience with nonprofit fundraising and advocacy, including leading software implementations and digital fundraising campaigns.

What about your job excites you the most?

I love getting to know new people and organizations, learning about their needs, and seeing if there’s a way I can help them on their journeys. In my work, I’m privileged to listen to the needs of nonprofits, and I get to constantly learn more about our ever-changing sector and the ways humans are using technology to come together and create positive change in our world.

I believe in the power of social networks, and I’m active with several organizations, including AFP, NTEN, PMI, DMAW, NetworkPeninsula (nonprofit capacity building in Southeast Virginia) and WorkNimbly (an amazing coworking hub in Williamsburg).

What’s your favorite animal?

My birthday is close to Groundhog Day… so I guess I’d have to say Bill Murray.

What can you be found doing on weekends?

I live in Williamsburg, VA, with my wife and two children. Outside of work, I have been known to bicycle, paddleboard, coach soccer and baseball, teach religious education at our local UU congregation, and volunteer with political campaigns and progressive organizations. I love native plants, trees, history, art, comedy, and live music of all kinds.

What are your pet peeves?

Hoppy beer, and people who refuse to dance.

Advice you’d like to share?

Speak up! Don’t be afraid to say what you really want. There is power in purpose.

Digital and mobile communications are transforming every facet of our lives. I believe the power of the Internet must be harnessed to build a culture of engagement and philanthropy in our society. Growing the community of practice around the Springboard platform is a great way to do that. Also, Jackson River is a collaborative and fun-loving (virtual) workplace. Everyone really supports each other, and we cultivate a dry (but not cynical) sense of humor.