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Jackson River is a virtual workplace with a headquarters in Washington, DC. We have over 30 talented staff distributed around the United States.

We are passionate, creative, and dedicated to our nonprofit clients. We go to bed at night knowing that every meeting we have, every feature we build, and every recommendation we deliver improves our collective lot on this planet. So if your political values lean left, your work is high caliber, and you want to make a difference, we hope you'll consider joining our team.



Top 5 Reasons to Join Jackson River

  • 1
  • Our People Fun, smart, interesting, committed colleagues
  • 2
  • Our Values Progressive orientation, flexible workplace, commitment to new ideas, trust, and mutual respect
  • 3
  • Amazing Causes Relief and development, animal welfare, and environmental action
  • 4
  • Interesting Work Innovative technology and the latest in nonprofit digital marketing
  • 5
  • Great Benefits Including medical, dental, vision, PTO, and support for professional growth


Why Work At Jackson River?

You have to focus on building a culture. You hire well, you create mini-teams so everyone is working deeply and collaboratively with each other, you use video chat and a lot of Slack, and you be as honest and transparent as you can. I tell people to bring their whole selves to work. I don’t really buy into this work/life balance concept so much, because you work as part of your life, your life includes your work. You want to be able to all the things you do: you’re writing code, you’re on client calls, you’re driving to soccer practice, you’re getting dinner on the table, you’re walking the dog – all of those you want to do well and fully and authentically.

— Alice Hendricks


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