White Paper

In Search of the Holy Grail: Using Salesforce as a Single CRM for all Supporter Data

For years, we’ve heard nonprofit organizations talk about the dream of a single CRM: one database that offers the elusive, comprehensive, 360-degree view of each supporter.

We asked 8 pioneering organizations who've undertaken the search for the holy grail: What does having a single CRM actually look like from a nonprofit point of view, from the inside? And what does it take for nonprofits to pull this off?

What’s Included

  • Challenges & opportunities of a single CRM
  • How a single CRM facilitates omnichannel supporter engagement
  • How to know if a single CRM is a fit for your organization
  • Answers to common questions, like how long it takes, how much it costs, and how to phase and sequence an implementation
  • Lessons and best practices learned on the ground by organizations who've undertaken the quest

Participating Organizations